JIANXIN RUBBER will be a new star in retreading world

According to statistics, JIANXIN RUBBER is the only one exhibitor as a manufacture of retreading materials at the show, so they had much more opportunities to communicate with many professional customers. Especially some very experienced clients, they shared a lot of useful information, and it’s so valuable for JIANXIN RUBBER.

JIANXIN RUBBER introduced about their equipments and raw materials source to the customers, showed the factory pictures to them, they are very satisfied, they believed that this factory is able to produce good quality products absolutely and also think the price is extremely competitive, most of customers plan to visit the factory and get more details.


Mixing Equipment, imported from Italy (series 270 &370), guaranteeing the uniformity of rubber compound.
High-precision Automatic Weighing System, guaranteeing chemical materials scientific proportioning.
Production line of double compound cold feed extruder.
Computerized Process and Central Monitoring System, to control the very steps of production.
Precision inspection devices: Sulfur variable Instrument, mooney viscometer, carbon black dispersion tester, and tread rubber abrasion tester.                              

JIANXIN RUBBER'S raw materials:

Natural/Synthetic Rubber imported from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, a little from China.
Black carbon is made by Cabot, USA, the best quality in the world.
Stearic Acid imported from Indonesia with stable quality and Antiager made by state-own enterprise.
Zinc oxide purity reaches to 99.7%; it is private brand and also sells to other tire company.

There is No Doubt, JIANXIN RUBBER is NO.1 manufacture of pre-cured tread rubber and cushion gum in China, now their production capacity is more than 4000tons/month, and sales volume is 3000tons/month at least, but No.2 manufacture in China their production capacity just only 400-500tons/month at most.

JIANXIN RUBBER is a super star in Retreading Materials Industry in China, they really deserved the honor. With the continuous development of the export business, more and more oversea customer’s trust and supports, JIANXIN RUBBER will be a new star in retreading world.

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