JIANXIN RUBBER invested RMB2.4 billion to built all steel radial truck and bus new tires industry park in YongAn

The new tires project was break ground in Oct.18th,2010 , before the end of 2013 it’s expected to begin production. The factory occupy area of 400,000 m3,JIANXIN RUBBER bought it 5 years ago . It is reported,its initial annual production plan for 1.2 million sets tires, annual production will be up to 3 million sets soon, when is expected to employ 1500 employees. The equipment is imported from Germany with high precision machinery, full automatic production line. After the completion , JIANXIN RUBBER will be one of the most complete products company in Chinese tire enterprises . Its factories including production bicycle tube, truck, bus and truck tube, they should be proud of are: their procured tread and cushion gum production is NO.1 in China , the annual production is 50,000 tons at least , their production quality in Chinese market is the most stable, but also for the vast number of terminal customers only designated retreading materials.

New tires factory will go to a higher international market, their new tires in tire industry will become a legend, with an emphasis on the improvement of quality and innovative ideas. JIANXIN RUBBER never giving up effort to produce more environmental protection, mileage longer, refurbished more, higher safety coefficient of the product. Committed to creating their own to become aircraft carrier in tire industry.

Along with the Chinese market for tire needs, customer on the tires in brand awareness,  JIANXIN RUBBER retreading material in the terminal customer brand influence will talk at the new tire brand, believe that JIANXIN RUBBER will become the one-stop service model in Chinese new tires and retreading industry.

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