2009 Singapore International Tire Exhibition

Singapore International Tire Exhibition sponsored by the British ECI International Exhibition Group, the company has extensive experience in the organizational aspects of the tire show. ECI organized by the Singapore International Tire Exhibition organized by the Manchester, UK tire exhibition and international tire exhibition in South Africa.
Show the basic data analysis:

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Exhibition area (square feet) 52,006,500

Number of exhibitors (home) 95125

Number of visitors (person) 32,193,509

18% of the professional buyers from the local markets of Malaysia and Singapore. 82% of the professional buyers outside the region, China, Japan, Indonesia, Republic of the Philippines, South Korea, Russia, the United States, the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam as well as Australia, Europe and other countries.

With decision-making professional buyers accounted for more than 90%. 60% of exhibitors booked booth 2009.

Exhibits: tires, tire retreading, repair tools, repair materials, attachments and accessories, tire production technology, generators and design.

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