Work together for innovation

The company pays attention to the team cooperation spirit, setting up perfect organizational structure, putting forward the team concept " Work together for innovation ". All departments unified team concept and efficient cooperation, gather heart, force and wisdom, build up a enterprise team with JIANXIN characteristics.

Set the wisdom to open new beginning , gathering force into great cause. We believe that JIANXIN Company under the joint efforts of the couple will go better and better.

Wholly-owned subsidiary:


Hardware equipment

"It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work." Advanced equipment is the premise to guarantee the quality of the product. For many years, the company continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, renewal of equipment, realize the production of high automation, ensure product quality stability.

1. Double composite cold feed extruder production line

2.It’s only one enterprise who introduced 270 liter ,370 liter mixing equipment in domestic retreading industry , guarantee the gross rubber with high uniformity;

3. Adopting high precision small material automatic weighing system, realize the scientific nature of the ingredients;

4. Precision inspection equipment: Sulfur variable Instrument, the Mooney viscosity tester, Carbon black dispersion Instrument, Tread rubber abrasion tester;

5. Production process controlled by computer and central control center, to realize the scientific management of production;

6. Automatic polishing and packaging system;

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