Our Honor

1) ISO9001-2008 international quality authentication enterprise

2) Consecutive 3 years rated as enterprise credit grade AA level by Fujian ZhongchengCredit rating consulting co., LTD.

3) In 2008-2009, won the "Quanzhou state tax bureau" tax credit level A taxpayer.

4) In 2009-2010, won the "Jinjiang city administration for industry and commerce" observing contract and valuing credit unit

5) In 2009-2010, won Quanzhou city people's government awarded observing contract and valuing credit unit

6) China retreading and recycling association member

7) JIANXIN brand series rated as of Quanzhou city well-known brand

8) JIANXIN brand series rated as of Fujian province famous brand .

9) Car inner tube, truck tube series are the domestic retail market leading

10) Precured retreading raw materials series are domestic industry benchmarking products 

Hardware equipment

"It is necessary to have effective tools to do good work." Advanced equipment is the premise to guarantee the quality of the product. For many years, the company continue to promote scientific and technological innovation, renewal of equipment, realize the production of high automation, ensure product quality stability.

1. Double composite cold feed extruder production line

2. It is the enterprise that much earlier than others introduced 270 liter, 370 liter mixing equipment in domestic retreading industry , guarantee the gross rubber with high uniformity;

3. Adopting high precision small material automatic weighing system, realize the scientific nature of the ingredients;

4. Precision inspection equipment: Sulfur variable Instrument, the Mooney viscosity tester, Carbon black dispersion Instrument, Tread rubber abrasion tester;

5. Production process controlled by computer and central control center, to realize the scientific management of production;

6. Automatic polishing and packaging system;

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